Monday, 10 June 2013

Island Tunes

Ok, y'all, I've been on vacation for a solid week. Out of cell and wi-fi range (it was spotty at best) in the islands. Specifically, the Abacos.

And it was awesome.

Here's a visual:

Yup, it was as gorgeous as it looks.:) It was our first family getaway in years (since the birth of boy #4), and it was all we could have asked for--and then some.

As we chilled out on the boat or on the dock, we played tunes. Our main choice? Jack Johnson. We've seen him in concert, and he's AMAZING live. And we listen to him all the time around our house.  His music was a perfect island fit.

Which got me thinking...what are the tunes that perfectly capture that summer vibe?

Classic summer island tunes call for Jimmy Buffett--like Cheeseburger in Paradise, Margaritaville, or Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.

More recent tracks (by an artist with country roots but channeling Buffet's laid-back vibe) are Summertime and No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem by Kenny Chesney. (Kenny rocks in concert too, btw. I've seen him take a huge venue and turn the whole scene into an island party.)

Other picks? Summer Vibe by Walk Off The Earth, Waves by Blondfire, and La Mar (The Ocean) by The Beautiful Girls. All strong contenders for a sweet summer song.

I could go on, but I'll stop and turn it over to you.What tunes would you add to a summer tunes playlist? What song--or artist--best captures the feel of summer for you?

(For more tunes, check out my Island tunes playlist)


  1. I have a few summer tunes I crank on the last day of school to get the summer started. Hmm....Dakota by the Stereophonics was one year, Oasis - F#$%ing in the Bushes, and more recently Alabama Shakes Hold On, and the Everest track Catalyst. Just to name a few... :)

    1. Oh, I've got Alabama Shakes Hold On playing on constant repeat these days Spence! Great choice. And Oasis...yes. Oasis. Even the name implies something cool & secretly refreshing.:)

  2. I don't know why it's a summer playlist song for me, but The Spirit of the West's And if Venice is Sinking is a must-have summer song. Also, Saturday in the Park by Chicago. Oh, and Romeo Void's Never Say Never. OH...Throw Away Your Television by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Okay, I'll stop now...

    1. I don't know Spirit of the West but will look them up ASAP. That's one thing I love about ATWN--finding new bands & new tunes. Even old bands (or at least not breaking out right this minute bands) but new to me. Thanks Kevin!

  3. Lynne,

    As you know, I have almost identical taste in music as you. Of course, we play Jimmy Buffet, Jack Johnson, & I LOVE Kenny Chesney. (Seen him 4 times in concert & he's one of the best entertainers I've ever seen!)

    Some of my summertime faves are: Cruise by Florida Georgia Line, Red Neck Yacht Club by Craig Morgan, When the Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney, and I don't know why but 1901 by Phoenix.

    Apparently, I dig a lot of country tunes in the summer. :D

    Great post!