Monday, 17 June 2013

10 Questions with...Tripwires

With Tripwires fantastic debut album, Spacehopper, out today in the U.K. and hitting North American store shelves June 18th, we are ecstatic to have the U.K. psych-rock band on A.T.W.N.

10 Questions with...Tripwires

What was it like, being from the small town of Reading in England, recording your debut album in Brooklyn?
Recording in Brooklyn was great for us. We wrote the album in the comfort of our homes, but recorded it in an alien environment. Sometimes it’s easy to get too comfortable recording demos in your own practice space. I would definitely say going to a crazy new place influences the way you approach things. When recording this album we wanted to make a little world, stepping out of a place that you are used to into a new environment certainly helps this process.

What are some of the lyrical influences that show up throughout your debut album Spacehopper?
There’s a lot of snapshots of youth, growing up, songs built from little experiences. In terms of themes, loss and the feeling of being lost appear quite a bit.

One book, and one band…
Book – The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky.
Band – Aphrodite’s Child

Favorite Neil Young track?
There really are too many. They change every week. Currently I would say ‘I believe in you’ off of After the Goldrush.

Does what you read have an impact on your songwriting?
Photo Credit: Carl Sagan
I can’t say any particular book has ever had a direct influence on our songwriting. It’s nice to appreciate a different way of expressing emotion though. I wouldn’t say lyrically we are much of a ‘story telling’ band, perhaps a little more self-conversationalist.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Neither. Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ everytime!!

What was it like working with Nicolas Vernhes, who has produced albums for Animal Collective, Bjork and Dirty Projectors?
It was pleasure to work with Nicolas. He has recorded some amazing stuff with Deerhunter and Animal Collective previously, and the opportunity to work with him was something we couldn’t pass on. All of his stuff has great texture to it, and like us, he is a sucker for adding weird noises over the top of quite nicely constructed pop songs.

 What are the reading habits for the band like on the road?
I’m currently reading ‘The wind-up bird chronicle’ by Murakami.
When we were away earlier this week, I had it in the van and it started getting read by two others. You could say that book currently has 3 bookmarks in it.

Is there an author/musician you would love to see at one of your gigs?
Neil Young and Thurston Moore. Hand in hand, that really would be something.

Is there a band that played the Reading Festival that really inspired everyone?
I guess the Nirvana performance in ’92 still gets talked about today. We hadn’t even started school then, so didn’t see it. The DVD looks quite something though!

Thanks to Tripwires for taking the time to stop by ATWN this week. Tripwires debut album, Spacehopper, can be ordered through Frenchkiss Records, or iTunes.  If you would like to connect with the band, check them out on Twitter and Soundcloud.

As a treat, the band is offering up a free download of their atmospheric track, ‘Catherine, I feel sick’ from their debut album which you can buy from the links above.


  1. Awesome interview Spence! I'd never heard of Tripwires and now am stoked for their new album. Thanks to the band for hanging out with the ATWN crew and giving us a feel for the guys behind the tunes.:)

    Best of luck with Spacehopper, y'all! And thanks for the free download. Looking forward to spreading the Tripwires love.:)

    1. Thanks, Lynne! This album is fantastic. Another amazing import from across the pond. I can't wait to see Tripwires live. :)