Thursday, 2 May 2013

Universally Singular Sensations

Hey there. It's Angi Black. It's my first time at All The Write Notes. So hi and thanks for having me.

Today I wanna talk about why music and writing go are alike. Some people use music for inspiration. some people just don't like a room of quiet and music is preferred over screaming children. For me, songs are simply old friends. Books are my comfort food.

I have to have my music. I've been told if you cut my arm, I bleed music notes. I'm sure that's partly true..that and caffeine at least. But my point is, I NEED my music. I have a soundtrack to my life that tells you who I am and where I've been, but it also helps define me. My first album was one by the Beatles. The Red one, '62-'66, and I picked it out when I was three years old. I knew all the words six months later and for my fourth birthday my great uncle got me my own record player and I could work it by myself. I'm sure it's no small thing that I enjoy peace and love and long hair boys. See what I mean?

After that, I made some questionable choices in music, but the one thing remains constant, I buy the song because it speaks to me.

Maybe it reminds me of something, maybe it builds a world in my mind, maybe it tells me to dance. But no matter what, it says something to me. And here's where I get to the point.

Music is really one of two things, books being the other, that is something that is truly and singularly yours, but at the same time completely universal. I'm sure that album was a lot of people's first music memory, and while mine is fully mine, the exact same music, lyrics and cover means something equally powerful but totally different to them.

Think about it. You hear a song. You think, my god, that is exactly how I feel. This is MY song. It was made for me. And no one understands how I feel but me and this song. (Sorry, I let my inner emo girl write this post.) Time passes. You meet someone and circumstances become that you hear the song together. They say, OOh, I love this song.You say, Me too!!! You both commiserate about how the song got you through. It was your song. and it defined a moment and will always take you back.

But wait a minute.

That song was about you and only you got it fully. So how is it that something that is totally your own and feels deeply personal, was written by someone else about th human condition, and is universally accepted and embraced? How can it be yours and theirs and then yours together?

That's the magic of song. It can be something so personal and yet binds us universally together in harmony. Oh my god, music is The Force!(hey Inner Nerd, get back down in there.)
One song can means everything to one person and but connect many in their solitude.

The only other thing that can do that is a book. Books are much like songs. You read them. You get lost in a whole different world. It means something to you. Maybe it connects deep within you and you're so wrapped up in your book, you forget reality exists.

Is there anything more exciting than meeting someone and them loving the same book? You can discuss this and that and experience the emotion all over again. I love that moment you find out your have a book or a song in common with someone.

So here's to hoping today you get wrapped up in a song or write a book that becomes someone's singular(universal) sensation.

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  1. Welcome Angi! So glad you're here!

    And <3 this post. Books and tunes go together like cookies & milk.:) LIke you wrote, they both let you "get lost in a whole different world"...and "forget reality exists."

    So right! :)