Wednesday, 6 February 2013

ATWN: Free Track of the Day - Wake Owl "Gold"

We at ATWN realize that we may have taken for granted that our readership were aware of the "freegan" movement.  It was rude and it would seem that the only way to make it up to you is to a) let Carrie and Fred from Portlandia give you a taste of what the freegan movement is all about and b) give you some more free tunes.  Let's get that first part out of the way:

Now, as to that "free" stuff we're always going on about around here.  Today's free track comes from Vancouver's own Wake Owl.  Now, once again, we find ourselves apologizing but this time it might not be our fault.  As we know, international music rights are tricky.  We found this track while checking out what iTunes was offering for free this week.  Now, this song might be free in the United States (which is where I'm currently typing) and you might live in Canada.  Maybe you live in the UK?  Whatever.  It doesn't matter.  You might find that our little nugget of musical goodness isn't actually free in your country.  If that's the case, find a friend in the US and have them grab it for you.  You do have friends, right?  Clicky clicky this link right here and get yourself some love.

Paul Adams spends his time in the wilds of Vermont fighting bears to protect his wife and two kids.  He teaches English at a local high school, writes MG/YA stories, embarrasses his family on a regular basis, and lets his geek-flag fly proudly.  He dreams of being a member of the Pixies. 

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