Tuesday, 12 February 2013

ATWN: Free Track of the Day - Ra Ra Riot "Beta Love"

I like getting stuff for free.  A few years back my wife and I packed up our lives in Boston and headed back to my home turf in Vermont.  The transition was easy for me but not so much for my wife.  She'd spent the best part of eleven years in Beantown and, where I am a ridiculous introvert, she is an extrovert and was being asked to leave behind a fairly massive social circle.  It was all very Green Acres.  To help guide her through those first few months of social isolation she picked up the hobby of wasting time on a website that was, basically, a clearing house for sweepstakes.  It was all there.  Good Housekeeping was giving away a year's supply of Clorox to the person who could explain in 500 words or less what "clean" really meant to their daily lives.  Give Nike access to your email address and you could win a trip to the Olympics.  My wife was hooked for a while and, much to my surprise, her efforts were rewarded.  We won trips, concert tickets, t-shirts, and this crazy prize package that included the greatest thing we were ever given for free - a Roomba.

Now, we here at ATWN can't exactly hook you up with a robotic vacuum.  We can however scrounge the internet and find free tunes.  This next one comes from the chamber pop outfit, Ra-Ra-Riot.  Here's a taste of what you can get your filthy little fingers on if you click the link below:

The free-track comes courtesty of NPR's "All Songs Considered" so Clicky-click-click-right-here and head on over there and get your well-deserved free stuff.

Paul Adams spends his time in the wilds of Vermont fighting bears to protect his wife and two kids.  He teaches English at a local high school, writes MG/YA stories, embarrasses his family on a regular basis, and lets his geek-flag fly proudly.  He dreams of being a member of the Pixies. 

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