Tuesday, 5 February 2013

ATWN: Free Track of the Day - Local Natives "Breakers"

We love free music here at ATWN.  We're just a bunch of dumpster-diving internet freegans at heart.  Lucky for you, we're not interested in serving you a cup of joe with a splash of expired half n' half and a four-day-old donut we found behind some mini-mart.  We're music hounds and we want you to beef up your library with a few free tunes.  Today's free track comes from Los Angeles' Local Natives.  Their first album, Gorilla Manor, introduced listeners to a unique sound that relied heavily on the groups use of vocal harmonies and the wonderful ability to carry a groove.  Imagine the offspring of a one-night-stand between Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend and you've probably got a pretty good understanding of what you're getting yourself into.  The band released their second album, Hummingbird, on January 29th.  Their first single, Breakers, has a beautiful rising build and is driven home by those pre-mentioned harmonies.

If you'd like to get your grubby little hands on this track for the exorbitant price of nothing, swing by the band's website (clicky right here people) and join their mailing list.  Poof.  You've got a new song.

Paul Adams spends his time in the wilds of Vermont fighting bears to protect his wife and two kids.  He teaches English at a local high school, writes MG/YA stories, embarrasses his family on a regular basis, and lets his geek-flag fly proudly.  He dreams of being a member of the Pixies. 

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