Thursday, 25 April 2013

The POSITIVE Playlist

The Positive Playlist

Sometimes we need reminded that we, as writers, are chasing a dream. We're working towards a goal. For most of us, that means publication in some form or another. No matter how different our paths are toward that goal of publication we have to remember that we're already winners. Why? Because we're pursuing  something we love. We're living examples for our families and friends that if you put in the hard work and don't give up, amazing things can happen! 

Writing, as a craft, is difficult. Then throw in jobs, families, friends, health. Sometimes writing is almost impossible. But if we stay positive, remember WHY we write, and know that our hard work and dedication will pay off, then it makes the day to day stuff more bearable. 

To aid you in staying positive in your writing endeavors, I put together a POSITIVE playlist. Sure, it may sound cheesy, but positive people get stuff done. (Yeah, yeah - some of you are going to call me out on "Hall of Fame" by The Script, feat., but listen to the words and visualize your printed book sitting front and center on a Barnes and Noble shelf. I dare ya.)

Remember the future is just around the corner. Give it your all. You can do this.
Cheerleader out, yo.

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  1. So right. Because if you don't believe in your writing, and your dream, who will?! :) Oh, and I <3 that song by Imagine Dragons.:)

    I'll add "Point Me Toward The Morning" by The Matches :)